All information copyright to Spud Marshall, Lora Metanchuk and Rebecca Dahl. Research reference list available here.

Research strategy

Our team is using four research objectives, developed from key focus areas, to coordinate a review of more than 50 case studies and interviews with communications and media industry experts. These findings will be combined with strategic sustainability frameworks. The outcome of the research is expected to contribute to a planning resource for communicators. To structure the thesis, a primary research question and three supporting questions were developed.

Primary Research Question: How can sustainability messages be effectively communicated across a range of media to best translate to real behaviour change?

Research Question #1: What has been successful in the past in regard to combinations of media and message in affecting behaviour change?

Research Question #2: How do communicators with an interest in changing behaviours plan their use of message and media to create action?

Research Question #3: How does an understanding of the four focus areas, and interactions between them, improve likely success of a behaviour change communication campaign?