All information copyright to Spud Marshall, Lora Metanchuk and Rebecca Dahl. Research reference list available here.



  Focus areas
    - Behaviour
    - Audience
    - Lifecycle
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Research overview

Campaigns promoting social change have garnered mixed results, encouraging ongoing research to understand the underlying contributors to success. The environment of these campaigns is also changing, as digital media continues to evolve, revolutionising the way that individuals seek and share information. Our research will use a systems perspective to examine how individuals and groups interact with communicated messages as part of the adoption process of a behaviour.

Focus areas

These focus areas, and the theories used to understand them, have been selected from an earlier review of communication, social marketing and psychology literature (Kotler, 1989; Rogers, 2003; Azjen, 1991; Robčrt, 2007 among others – see references). Our thesis investigates the interaction and influences of each area to help planners ask strategic questions to ensure a holistic and inclusive approach to communications development.